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Daience University CEO

Welcome to Daience University. Whether you are a current student or considering our degree or certificate courses, we are pleased to have the opportunity to share our institution with you.

The founders created Daience University after discovering a need for qualified IT workers for projects on which they were working. Hiring was—and still is—a challenge, especially in areas like the Middle East, Far East, and Africa. And while there are universities in these areas that teach IT, the infrastructures of these institutions do not always allow for flexibility or innovation.

Thus, the idea for Daience University was born.

Daience University thrives on providing accessible, quality IT education via distance learning, with innovative support services that encourage collaboration and minimize the digital divide. Our university serves students globally, creating an environment for students that will closely mimic the work environment of diverse, multinational teams that they will encounter in the industry.

We hope you are as excited about Daience University, as we are to have you here.

On behalf of the faculty, staff, and myself, welcome and best wishes for you success—both here and beyond.

Mohammad Alkhudari
CEO, Daience University

Our Vision

In the ever-changing IT field, Daience University seeks to be recognized as a quality partner to industry and a quality education provider to students, using technology along with an innovative approach that integrates data science into curriculum with various industry focuses, that will provide students with in-demand skills aligned to both meet current and future industry needs. This unique approach will allow our graduates to get into the growing field of data science with knowledge built around Data Science applications for specific Industries. Do it at DU: Skills Today for Tomorrow's Technology!

Our Mission

The mission of Daience University is to provide industry relevant training with a focus on data science techniques combined with a practical application that enable students to increase their skills and expand their knowledge. Daience University seeks to fulfill its mission by offering affordable, quality distance education programs, providing access and opportunity globally and creating a diverse learning community.